The first step in the consignment process is to contact a representative from Idaho Auction Company. The representative will gather information about your items. Once we understand your sale items, we’ll plan to have you stop by our location or arrange a meeting with you. There are multiple ways to contact us regarding consignment:

If you are in Idaho…
Setup a consultation with one of our representatives and bring your items directly to the gallery for valuation. To setup an appointment, call 208-953-7355.

If you are not local…
You can contact us via e-mail by filling out our contact form. If possible, please attach photos.

You can also contact us via standard mail at the address below. Please include detailed contact information.

Attn: Don Huston
Idaho Auction Company
1835 N Wildwood St.
Boise, ID 83704

If you have additional questions or would like to speak to an Idaho Auction Company representative, please call 208-953-7355.


After you are contacted by an Idaho Auction Company representative, you will be asked to sign a consignment agreement detailing terms of the sale. Once the agreement is signed, we will arrange exchange of your sale items. If you are not able to deliver or ship the items, we will make suitable arrangements to have the goods picked up. At this time we will also provide details regarding upcoming sale dates and commission rates, as well as answer any additional questions you may have regarding your consignment.
Please DO NOT ship any items to Idaho Auction Company without prior approval from an Idaho Auction Company representative.


After receipt of your consignment items, we will have them tagged, inventoried, and placed in our climate controlled stock room. Our representatives will mail, e-mail, or provide a handwritten inventory list for your records. Once all items are in our possession, we will remain responsible for them until the day they transfer to the new owner (auction buyer). This process is designed to ensure proper documentation and tracking of all consignment items.


For all consigned items, we will perform research, gather expert opinions, and provide thorough descriptions which will assist buyers in recognizing their value. When these items fall into highly specialized or niche categories, we will seek the assistance of recognized authorities whom we consider trustworthy and reputable within their given field. In addition to thorough and effective descriptions, Idaho Auction Company will utilize our in-house graphic designer and photographer to produce professional-quality, full-color images and marketing materials to showcase your consignments in the best possible way.


We will target a marketing plan directed at ensuring maximum local and regional consumer participation and exposure for your consignments. Electronic newsletters and physical mailers may be mailed to top buyers and regional collectors based on specific interest categories in order to maximize the selling power of your consignments. Dependent upon auction size and interest, a media campaign may be devised to coincide with the marketing campaign, targeting local and regional media, as well as popular trade magazines and other influential media outlets. In order to assure widespread publicity of the sale of your items, Idaho Auction Company will also be promoting your consignments through our website, The website features current sale items, information about upcoming sales, multiple bidding options for potential buyers, and much more. We also have an internet marketing presence on the Facebook social network.


Your consignments will be on display for a minimum of two (2) weeks prior to the sale date. This time period allows customers and potential buyers sufficient time to inspect your items in a pressure-free environment. While on display for auction, your items will be housed in a climate-controlled stock room, protected by a full-service security system, and handled by qualified Idaho Auction Company representatives. Idaho Auction Company is open Monday – Friday from 10AM – 4PM and is staffed with full-time, knowledgeable representatives who can assist individuals wishing to preview articles of interest. The items may also be previewed outside of normal business hours by special appointment. View our current auction listings.


Idaho Auction Company prides itself in prompt payment to its consignors. While most payouts are processed sooner, we ensure payment to consignors within 45 days of each auction’s end date.